Sunday, August 19, 2007

last sunday at grace cathedral

last week i went to church at grace catherdral where i heard mary haddad preach this sermon on beauty, taize, and the movie, cabaret. this was appropriate for me b/c i saw the movie cabaret when i was 3 years old (i'd like to say i came from a progressive family, i really was raised by wolves however) and i decided to be sally bowles when i grew up. so, i went to prague and i did become sally for a while.
i enjoyed grace cathedral, but the next time i go to s.f. i'm going to st. gregory of nyssa which has really amazing icons all throughout the space and is totally hip and liberal and joyous. sometimes i get bogged down by the tradition and god's frozen people-ness of the episcopal church.

Friday, August 17, 2007

vaca. in calif.

here's me on the beach at sant cruz.
i had wanted to go to zimbabwe for my summer vacation to visit the convent of Chita che Zvipo Zve Moto in zimbabwe, but, zimbabwe seems to be on the verge of a coup or anarchy so instead i went to california! i have travelled through europe and asia but i have never been to california. i went to san francisco for four days, then took the green tortoise bus tour down the coast to l.a. for three days. i highly recommend green tortoise for bus tours all over the u.s. esp. if you are a neo-hippie/greenie who doesn't hate camping. turns out i hate camping. who knew? i'd never been camping before. i will however do another g.t. tour b/c you can sleep on the bus which is retrofitted with beds.
i met a lot of fun people and had a great time. i did not share my vocation b/c i notice that when that comes up, people treat me weird like, they apologize if they curse in front of me - forgetting that i have the mouth of a sailor. people from non-religious countries (unlike this one) also think that means i'm a biblical literalist/religious fascist which is a bummer. i hope that when i do find a convent and enter an order that i will be the nun who changes people's minds about nuns. there are so many stereotypes that really no longer fit any nun i've met.
i'm just now starting to get itchy for the convent. i've been spending the last couple of years looking for the right order (still doing that, next vaca. will be in swaziland to visit bulembu ). i'm starting to become dissatisfied a little. there's more out there for me and i'm becoming ready for it.
meanwhile, school starts, student loans need paying, life goes on.

Friday, August 03, 2007

bunny bun bun's near death experience

i thought a bunny was a really low-maintenance pet. then i took him to the vet to clip his teeth which he was not successfully gnawing down. the vet (so nice, from no. ireland near where i used to live) gave me a wake up call on that. i'll tell you, you read that website once and you'll be having bunny heart attacks daily thinking your bunny is dying. now i know why they have so many babies. their bunny morbidity rate is pretty high.
s'anyway, bunny stopped pooping. this is bad, bad, bad. if bunnies don't poop, they don't eat and if they don't eat for 12 hours THEY DIE INSTANTLY! i'm sayin'.
but, i got bunny to the vet just in the nick of time and i'm shoving medecine down his gullet twice a day and he's much better. hippity hopping around the apartment and backyard again. phew.
i guess, come the fall, i'll bring bun to my classroom, as long as none of the kids are allergic. i'll have to do it on a low-teaching day, like the first week or the day before thanksgiving vacation. because, i could be on fire and those kids wouldn't notice or care when there's a bunny in the class.
i'm going on vaca. to california next week. i've never been to cali. i'm looking forward to it. i'm doing four days in s.f. and then taking a hippie, vegetarian, pot-smoking bus tour down the coast to l.a. i'll see cannery row, the monterey bay aquarium, the hearst castle. there's communal cooking at night and we camp. i've never been camping. i'm a real city slicker so this should be an adventure. i might even smoke some pot. i heard that it's all genetically modified now. i won't eat gmo food, so i doubt i'll smoke gmo weed. i never really smoked anyway, in my sordid youth.