Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the question of kids

when i first heard the call to the religious life i said to god, "no f#%*ing way!" i was planning on getting married (preferably to a pediatrician/veterinarian) and have children (two and send them to collegiate). so, i thought for a long time about why those things were deal breakers for me. i came to the conclusion at the end of my think that marriage i could definitely live without. i really only wanted a wedding anyway, not necessarily a husband. kids though, that was tough. i had always wanted to be a mother. so, i decided that since i figured god didn't make a mistake in calling me to a live of poverty, chastity, and obedience that i would at least have to be able to work with kids. so, i got my master's in teaching english as a second language to K-12 grades and began teaching 5 years ago. i hope that when i do enter the convent, they'll look at my experience and qualifications and let me keep teaching as a religious.
i still love kids but .... i'm ok now without having any of my own. they say that teaching is the best birth control there is. it's working for me. 25 kids in school is way different than one or two at home but still.
all joking aside i think i can do better by NOT being related to children because they'll be more likely to open up to me. when i was a teenager especially i relied on my relationships with adults who were not my mom (my dad had died by then) - esp. my youth group leaders from church. they totally rocked. i hope to be a rocking nun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

astoria, queens nun sighting

saw a nun and a woman who might have been her sister, actually, on 30th ave. when i was getting my lunch today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

nun sighting

an asian nun in a slightly peaked veil entering the subway station as i was exiting. i had a real pang after she passed me - i want to be a nun.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

you may be a nun if ...

the universe may be telling you that you are a nun if you ...
+ sing the magnificat in plainsong chant style while walking up or down stairs alone
+ pray over your fresh laundry
+ see nuns everywhere you go
+ see nuns so often that now even your friends are seeing them in airports and stuff
+ think meryl streep's character in the film doubt was a hero and you hope to be a nun just like her when you grow older
+ have the book of common prayer online version saved to your favorites on the blackberry
+ love your pet dog but start making plans for the next phase of your life for after she dies