Thursday, May 07, 2009

you may be a nun if ...

the universe may be telling you that you are a nun if you ...
+ sing the magnificat in plainsong chant style while walking up or down stairs alone
+ pray over your fresh laundry
+ see nuns everywhere you go
+ see nuns so often that now even your friends are seeing them in airports and stuff
+ think meryl streep's character in the film doubt was a hero and you hope to be a nun just like her when you grow older
+ have the book of common prayer online version saved to your favorites on the blackberry
+ love your pet dog but start making plans for the next phase of your life for after she dies


Sister Julie said...

Hi, Great post! Just wanted to say that even though I'm not an Episcopalian nun, I am happy to be a nun friend! Also wanted to suggest you check out the Vocation Forum at A Nun's Life -- -- might find it helpful.
Peace and blessings,
Sister Julie

Pachyderm said...

Hi Sr Mary Alternative!

Haha, love the post. I'm a 30-something professed sister in the Third Order Society of St Francis (Anglican), which is a community in dispersion, comprising men, women, lay, ordained, married and single members - so I'm also married with a 3 year old daughter (best of both worlds really). I've been professed for nearly five years now and my Franciscan vocation is the heart and core of my being with God and changes the way I look at the world.

You're welcome to have a look at my blog if you wish, but it's awesome to meet another Anglican religious (or religious-to-be in your case!) Most of my nun and monk friends are RC.

Robyn tssf

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