Sunday, July 10, 2005

sr. m.a. on the blog scene

i decided to check out some episcopalian blogs to see if any nuns were blogging. so far, no nuns. now, i'm new to the world of blog, so i may have just not found them yet (i hope). i also noticed that most of the episcopal blogs were by men who are seminarians and priests. hmmmmm.....

i have a religious calling and am just starting the journey to finding a religious order; seeing if this is indeed god's will, listening, not always liking what i hear, and kvetching to god about it.

my nickname for myself is sr. mary alternative because my theology is so very left of center. i consider myself a spongian episcopalian. on the belief-o-matic quiz on i scored as a pagan, then a hindu, then all sorts of things but, actually, episcopalian never even showed up on my list.

funnily enough, i love the episcopal church, believe in the trinity, surrender myself to god's will through jesus. in short, i'm a total episcopalian. i love that there is room for someone like me in the church and i gladly share it with people on the total opposite end of the spectrum and everyone in between!

i am looking forward to comments and please do tell me if there are episcopal/anglican nuns (sisters) with blogs.

with love in christ,
jen the hen


jane said...

well apparently you've been busier than you let on...a blog! I look forward to your witty comments!

Deacon Tim said...

Wow, a Spongian-pagan-trinitarian-nun-in-waiting!Great blog! Thanks. From a left-of-center-former-cultists-decidedly-non-anglican-deacon.
Pax Christi!

I'm at
if you are ever in need of a rant.

Donna B said...

COOL! I'm a Lay Associate of CHS--have been since 1983. I wish you (and pray you) well on your spiritual journey. The CHS sisters I've had the honor of meeting are tremendous, spiritual, vulnerable, funny women.

You'll find my blog at

*Christopher said...

No nuns I know of...I'm in process of becoming a Benedictine oblate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

This is Michele... what a wonderful photo of you. It is precious and so are you!!!

FerialDay said...

Most of the women religious I know would trip over that "silence" thing if they blogged, I guess.

You might try Monastic-L "an unmoderated discussion list focusing on professed religious life in the Anglican communion." Link from

Good luck!

Cathy said...

Hello from a lay person in the Episcopal Church who blogs - am member of the DOK (Daughters of the King) - is that close enough - it's a religious order :), though not monastic.