Tuesday, January 03, 2006

new year's resolution - be more nunlike

or is it nunesque? resolved - that i will spend more time with religious, meditate more, work up the guts to tithe the full whammy. and resolve to do this all very gently throughout year and not beat self up if i fail to meditate more but do lose 15 lbs.

i am so glad that crummy 2005 is over. what a rough year it was for me. i feel like i'm starting to come out of a fog and i am moved to build a new life for myself. i sometimes think, what would i do if i found out i had 6 months left to live? this being because i now know so many people who have or had cancer that i'm wondering when i will get it. anyway, if i had 6 months to live i would ask to move into the convent of the community of the holy spirit.

when hippies become nuns ...

these sisters are seriously alternative - far out. if they were not in the northern hemisphere and worked more with children, i would seriously want to enter that order.


Claire Joy said...

And we would want you!
FYI… Sr. Lilli Ana works with children, and if you wanted to find us a suitable place in the Southern Hemisphere, I for one would be happy to relocate. (St. Croix comes to mind) :)

Steph said...

Ummmm ..... good resolution. Maybe I should try that. We'll just ignore the fact that I've been a nun for three years now! :-)

seeking_something said...

Steph...you so funny

AveMaria1 said...


Natty said...

Wow! Way to make a girl click on a link!!! "When hippies become nuns." I love it! Awesome site too! Too bad I'm Catholic! ;-)

(There are days I wonder if I won't end up Episcopalian or even Unitarian-Universalist though.)

(I love that "What Religious Life Is and Is Not" article.)