Wednesday, March 22, 2006

god box

i have been so stressed out about all these responsibilities in my life that i got sick and ended up missing several days of work and had to go to the e.r.
last night i hit bottom on freaking out. i'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
last night i took myself to my bed, read some spiritual literature, prayed (help me, help me, help me), meditated. then i took some index cards and a sharpie and wrote down all the things i'm worried about: work stuff, grad school stuff, homework i'm backed up on, exams, church duties, money, money, money problems. i wrote each down on a card and then put those cards in my god box.
a god box is a container that i put my worries into and hand them over to god. i turn over my worries and trust god to transform them into opportunities for me to grow, to expand my spirit and trust in god. i find a lot of my spiritual work consists of precedents. i try something different, just to see what will happen. instead of worrying, i try putting my concerns in god's hands. i usually don't do this until i'm totally desperate and on my knees. then, god transmogriphies my BIG PANIC issue into little, surmountable steps and i take one at a time. god makes my life more manageable. when i next come up against a monster, i remember back to that time i turned it over and how that worked out. i'm ready to try turning it over again, and again.


What Now? said...

Jen -- I found this a really helpful post, thanks. I too sometimes find tangible versions of prayer most helpful. Many thanks.

Caroline said...

i think that i'll go home and make a "god box" myself.

thanks for sharing this.

will smama said...

Keep taking care of you.

hipastorzwife2B said...

Wonderful idea. Thank you.
May god give you peace and patience.

penance said...

There is a new book out called My God Box by author Margaret Iuculano. It tells the story of a life overcoming signigicant challenges and using a God Bos to get there.