Monday, May 08, 2006

vow of obedience blues

i am becoming more impatient and irascible around church puffery these days. we had a service yesterday with a certain clergyman who is so full of himself i thought i would scream during his 40 MIUNTE SERMON in which he talked about nothing but himself and he was the hero of his own story. he threw in a few references to jesus for good measure. i kept thinking, how am i ever going to be a good nun and be obedient when all i want to do right now is freak out?
i am coming to realize there are two types of men in the world: mamma's boys and not mamma's boys. i have oh so little tolerance for mamma's boys. my background is english and irish and the irish in particular don't mollycoddle boys. no, everyone suffers together, boys and girls alike.
besides the excruciating sermon and the service that last TWO HOURS! i was really put off by the tone of the service which was patriarchal and patronizing. it was the church at its worst.
on another worrying note, the bishop was there to perform confirmation/reception. there were no children being confirmed. instead there were two older adults being recieved. eeeeeeek!!!!!!! they are lovely people and i'm very happy for them but what's happening at my church and many others like it? there were also very few people in the pews.
i love the episcopal church (when it's not like yesterday) and i think the church has a lot to offer people. but, people don't think so.
i'm the newcomer lady at my church and i read a statistical report put out by the diocese that breaks down the demographics of my neighb. and offers info. in several categories. the breakdown is in general that we have some of the wealthiest people in america in this zipcode, some of the highest educated, the neighb. is full to the brim with young people. there is a category in this report called faith and one section is receptivity to faith. for the people of my neighb. it's 6%! and for those who do go to church they like their service traditional. what do the other 94% of the people want from a spiritual community?
after yesterday i'm thinking of becoming a unitarian. ... just kidding.


Lorna said...


I'd blame YOUR prayer life personally (only joking!) but seriously if you've been praying for patience /obdedience (whatever) it may be that God's giving you opportunity to practice it.

Nah! He wouldn't inflict that on the whole congregation to answer your prayer. Would He?

I do think it's great that adults are getting baptised /confirmed. So many young people are falling through the gap and many have no idea who Jesus is, so it's encouraging that some adults find their way back. But as you say worrisome. The CofE Church-based Mission is all about that. How to reach people (of all ages) where they are. We have a lot to learn I think.

Be blessed. I read a book about nuns yesterday. "New Habit" it was fun but also made me think. Not that it's for me. I'm married and raising two teenagers.

Lorna (RevGals See-through faith)

Jen Goodnow said...

i read something oprah wrote where one year she prayed for humility and it was the year she got sued by the cattle industry for saying she would never eat another hamburger! careful what you pray for.