Monday, July 31, 2006

i'm a big girl now!

last friday i completed work on my master's degree in teaching english to speakers of other languages (that means i'm a 2nd grade esl teacher)! i've been working full-time and going to school at night for the last two years. not only that but work is in queens. uni. is in bklyn. and there's no subway that goes directly across from queens to bklyn (they're the same piece of land) so i had to go through manhattan (where i live) to get from work to grad school. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! not only that but my first year of teaching, my mom died, which was really debilitating and exhausting and i couldn't take a break from uni. b/c my job was tied up with my taking classes. ugh. i just plowed on through it, knowing the end would be in sight. i made some really good friends, who i'll miss b/c i'm NEVER GOING TO BROOKLYN AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE. i grew up in nyc and could probably count on two hands the total amount of times i'd been to bklyn before this, let alone queens (not counting airport trips). manhattanites are very manhattan-centric.
i got my master's and teaching experience b/c i have a gift for it and working with children, but also b/c i hope as a nun to work with children and/or teach and i wanted to get a background in education in this country before joining an order.
i wrote back to the order in zimbabwe - czm and hope to visit there in early 2007. i get a week off in february - their summer so i would get a sense of how hot it is. i used to love heat and even humidity but this summer is a thing apart.
anyway, i'm so happy and relieved. i'm the first person in my family to have an advanced degree. i know my mother, on the other side of the thin veil that separates this world from the spirit world, knows and is proud of me.
now all i need is an mdiv!

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Hey congrats!