Saturday, March 31, 2007


i went to the ceremony of the life profession of sr. lilli ana of the community of the holy spirit today. the bishop suffragan of ny, catherine roskam, performed the profession. the presiding bishop of the episcopal church of the u.s.a., catherine jefferts schiori was also there! that was a surprise - a very pleasant one. the homily was done by winnie varghese, who is the chaplain at columbia u. when it came time for the eucharist, i had a moment of god's grace and joy when i watched bishop roskam give the eucharist to bishop schiori and then they both gave the bread to the community and guests, while winnie and sr. lilli ana gave the wine. it was episcogirlorama!
we women are taking over the world you know.


NEMeinradt, OblSB said...

Take the plunge! Go and try the vocation. If it takes years and there is no real reason for the delay, you have no vocation.

Sorry to say that, but years of discernment is self oriented and turns the call into a hobby.

I can't tell you how greatful I was to become an Oblate, attached to St. John's Abbey. It made the vocation real. After almost a decade of screwing around, I should have just requested Oblation sooner. What a waste of time!

Jen Goodnow said...

there is a $25,000 reason for delay - called my student loans. plus, i still haven't found a convent. i appreciate your comments, but your journey is not mine.

see-through faith said...

sounds fun :)

Seeker said...

It's all a cycle....women used to lead the spirituality centers of the world. Men took over -- now it's our turn again. We have a lot to do!