Monday, June 02, 2008

nun sighting - when it rains, it pours!

i was just thinking the other day that i hadn't seen a nun in a week or two and then boom! two in two days.
saw a nun getting on the crosstown bus at 86th and 3rd this a.m. as i was on my way to work.
in other news, i was hoping to visit the order of the holy paraclete's convent in swaziland where they run an orphanage for girls but i don't have the money for the very costly plane ticket. the taxes alone are $350! someone suggested that i ask people for their frequent flyer miles to be donated. hmmmmm.... asking for help. not an easy thing for a wasp like me. but, i'll pray about it. i really want to go this summer. please do pray for me.

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rena said...

what if your friend sees nuns? Does that count? Two sisters from Mother Theresa's order on the subway personal hero. Also, Amma is almost here so that Motherly Love may be orbiting around me.