Friday, September 26, 2008

double dip nun sighting(s)

a couple of weeks ago i saw a nun on third and 60th while i was zipping by on the bus. then, a few block later, another nun - different habit,different order but both in full habits! i'm telling you, no one else in nyc sees this many nuns. my friends are more "aware" of nuns now b/c i'm always talking about seeing nuns so you'd think they might start seeing nuns too, like you see nuns when you're aware of them and looking for them kind of thing. except, no. i'm still the only one seeing nuns on a regular basis.
so, i'm asking myself, as i get closer to doing this, i have two vocations: one for being a religious and one for teaching in africa. if i had to choose, which one comes first? if i enter ohp will i go to africa? and if i can't go to africa, can i live in england - where it's cold and rainy all the time - and not teach and not be in africa? seeing nuns so very very very much makes me think that the nun thing is not a coinkydink. it's a real calling.
more will be revealed.