Tuesday, February 17, 2009

nun drive by

on the way home from taking the stray cat i have adopted to the vet (he bit me when they took his temperature. hey, if someone took my temp that way i'd probably bite too) i saw a nun on 72nd and 1st out the bus window. there is a convent on 72nd street a couple of blocks up from 1st ave. so that feels a little like cheating. i think a true nun sighting is when i'm in a completely random place like central park or on a bus late at night or in midtown.
on another note, today is my 40th birthday. i am in a new decade and this is the decade in which i enter a convent (god willing) so that's pretty cool.
i'd like to go to africa to visit ohp's house in swaziland and i'm trying to decide if i should go over easter vaca (i get a week and a half) or in the summer (when i can take more time).
in the meantime, i am gearing up for lent! i love lent! for me it's the spiritual "5 more minutes" snuggling under the blankets in the cold winter with god and jesus. mmmmm....