Monday, June 22, 2009

vocation trip

i am going to africa - to visit the order of the holy paraclete's convent in swaziland. they run a girl's orphanage there. they moved their convent to a town called bulembu - a mining town that was converted to a village that has job training, a hospital, and a school. i'll stay two weeks and then i'm going to the mother house in england.
i probably won't be able to post from africa - but i'll take a lot of photos and post when i get home. i'm not leaving until late july. i can't wait! i'm so looking forward to seeing the convent in africa and the orphanage. i feel a step closer to the goal.


asha said...

Hi Sister Mary Alt - I stumbled on your blog this afternoon and just spent the last couple hours reading all your posts from the beginning. You remind me of Anne Lamott! I identify with a lot that you write about....I'm also a Spongian episcochick....I sometimes wonder if I would have heard a call to become a nun years ago if I had been capable of listening at the time. I chose a willful path (marriage and kids), but God has made something wonderful out of that willful choice, even though it may not have been God's will in the beginning. God seems always ready to redeem whatever I manage to get myself into. I picture God sitting back and saying, "Now what in the world can I make out of THIS?" Anyway....I'm also an ESL teacher (gr. 4/5), a devoted dog person, and a friend of Bill W., and now a reader of your blog. Thanks - Asha

sr. mary alternative said...

wow, asha - sounds like you are me in an alternate universe! nice to know you.