Tuesday, August 11, 2009

lots to think about

i'm in england now - london. i'm heading to whitby tomorrow. i've just been in swaziland for close to two weeks. when i get home i'll put pictures up. the sisters from ohp run an orphanage for girls who have been abused in swaziland. they have 25 girls right now and 8 are hiv positive. the girls were so sweet and fun and good. i worked with a few of them on homework and one girl in particular on reading. i won't go into the girls' stories but many of them are horrific. a lot of rape.
i had some really good, long, intersting talks with sr. carole, ohp. she runs the orphanage with sr. karan but sr. karan is in england for chapter so i didn't get to meet her. i don't think she'll be there when i am at whitby either. that's ok though.
here's some of what came from my conversations with sr. carole:
- this convent is closing up its work in africa. they've recently closed their house in johannesburg. sr. carole doesn't expect them to be in swaziland but a few more years.
- if i do enter ohp (or any other convent when i think about it) i would not go to africa or i would only go for a little while.
- instead, i would probably do administrative work at the mother house.
- i would probably also take care of the older sisters.
- what will the convent look like in 40-50 years when i am old? will there be anyone to look after me? would i be the last nun standing?
- am i really going to give up my pension for that?
to be continued ...


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now - I'm a newly professed Catholic nun.

Don't be afraid about or discouraged by what appears to be the future...because you (if you enter) will be part of the discernment and decision making for the congregation. NO ONE can say that you will not be somewhere or doing something without much more deeper thought, dialogue and prayer.

Heads up - if the congregation's plans for their future (you) are about taking care of them, whether it is administratively or physically, then that is truly a "dead" community! (remember? "let the dead bury their dead")

Blessings on the journey!

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