Wednesday, September 21, 2005

nuns in the blogosphere

i got my newsletter from the community of the holy spirit, of which i am an associate, in the mail this week and read that a few of the sisters are blogging now. oooh! more blogging nuns. i'm telling you, this nun blogging thing is going to change people's opinions about nuns. i know the three nuns whose blogs i have included on my list of blogs i like and i would say they are sr. mary alternatives, especially sr. catherine grace, who is a snarky nun. she writes about the sacred lessons learned from getting duck doo-doo on her shoes.

i would like to report that i am now keeping my feet on the edge of the seat opposite me on the subway this week, rather than plunk down in the middle of the seat.

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Sr. Lilli Ana said...

hey, Jen! glad to hear you're learning where to keep your Sr. CG will tell you, it IS an important thing to know if you're gonna be a sister! (tee-hee)