Thursday, February 01, 2007

belfast photos

iused to live in belfast, northern ireland. i lived on the falls road - in the middle of republican i.r.a. land, just down the road from gerry adams. no. ireland has been in the news lately so i dug out my photos to upload.
i truly believe the reason that things are calming down there are economic. everyone is comfortable, so there is no need for terrorism. actually, now the loyalists are the problem, because they have lost their status and position.
people in no. ireland compare their situation with israel/palestine all the time. i hope that no. ireland can help the situation in the middle east.

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Donna D said...

Dear Jennifer,

I really feel old in that I did not know about blogs. I think this is really great. I've heard people talk about this stuff, but never knew what it meant.

Thanks for introducing me to this concept!!

My best to you and have a lovely weekend.

Your Fellow Fellow Friend