Thursday, December 27, 2007


i have this application on this blog called sitemeter. it captures information about the people who look at the blog. i can't see anyone's name or address, but i can see where they are from and what they typed into a google search or whatever that got them to my blog. a lot of people get to my blog by typing in "th words" and "if mohammed can't come to the mountain." i also know that my ex-boyfriend from a village of 850 souls in county clare, ireland is looking at my blog occasionally, and since i can't find him (when you google jen goodnow you get this blog. when you google michael o'sullivan you get way way too much stuff) i reached out via the blog to ask him to email me so i can apologize for the past.
the other thing i've noticed is that people from all over the world read this blog. i find that fascinating beyond belief. people from saudi arabia, australia, europe, africa - not so many south americans or asians.
frequently people from lambeth, england read the blog. that causes me to believe it's the archbishop of canterbury's secret police. that the anglican version of the da vinci code people are checking up on all the blogging anglicans in the world. i'm sure it's some bored administrator in lambeth palace who thought, "what would happen if it typed into a search engine ...?" but it's a little creepy.

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