Friday, June 23, 2006

general convention

ACNS 4159 | CAPA | 23 JUNE 2006

CAPA - An Open Letter to the Episcopal Church USA

We, the Primates of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA),
meeting in Kampala on 21st - 22nd June, have followed with great
interest your meeting of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church
USA in Columbus. We have been especially concerned by the development
your response to The Windsor Report, which has been reported to us
extensively. This is something for which we have earnestly prayed. We
are, however, saddened that the reports to date of your elections and
actions suggest that you are unable to embrace the essential
recommendations of the Windsor Report and the 2005 Primates Communiqué
necessary for the healing of our divisions. At the same time, we
the various expressions of affection for the life and work of the
Anglican Communion.

We have been moved by your generosity as you have rededicated
to meet the needs of the poor throughout the world, especially through
your commitment to the Millennium Development Goals.

We have observed the commitment shown by your church to the full
participation of people in same gender sexual relationships in civic
life, church life and leadership. We have noted the many affirmations
this throughout the Convention. As you know, our Churches cannot
reconcile this with the teaching on marriage set out in the Holy
Scriptures and repeatedly affirmed throughout the Anglican Communion.
All four Instruments of Unity in the Anglican Communion advised you
against taking and continuing these commitments and actions prior to
your General Convention in 2003.

At our meeting in Kampala we have committed ourselves to study very
carefully all of your various actions and statements. When we meet with
other Primates from the Global South in September, we shall present our
concerted pastoral and structural response.

We assure all those Scripturally faithful dioceses and congregations
alienated and marginalised within your Provincial structure that we
heard their cries.

In Christ,

The Most Rev. Peter Akinola, on behalf of CAPA
Chairman, CAPA

you know, we women are taking over the world.
sr. m.a.


Claire Joy said...

How do you come to that conclusion from that letter? Sounds like the same old same old to me...

Jen Goodnow said...

i meant it as a response to that letter.

Rena said...

Hi Jen,

I just saw that you commented on my blog. Thanks! I havent posted in so long but I was inspired by antoher blog to be more pro-active. Your positive feedback helps! Thanks to claire joy for posting too!