Thursday, June 29, 2006

may you live in interesting times

no kidding that's a curse! oy vey! it's so troubling to see what's happening these days. i was elated over jefferts schori's election for a couple of days until the fit hit the shan with williams' letter. now, let me say that i am so glad i'm not in his position, i surely couldn't be the boss in the midst of this situation.
it's hard for me to be accepting of those who don't have the same beliefs as me. i truly believe that christ calls all to his table, not some. and when he was selective with his company, he chose the marginal people: tax collectors, adulterous women, chicks at wells, samaritans. gays, lesbians, bi-sexual, transgendered people are the samaritans of the day. christ compels me to see God in everyone, not just people that live like me. the trick for me is to see God in the ultra-conservative!
the crisis going on in the episcopal church and anglican communion does not affect the average person. even my rector does not feel affected in his position as rector.
i, however, am thinking of entering a convent in the anglican communion, in africa! ack. this does affect me. if it comes down to a schism, how will that affect episcoplians living and working abroad in the anglican communion? meanwhile, i enjoy reading the extremely opinionated father jake on his blog, father jake stops the world


Anonymous said...

My name is Liza ("naamah" on livejournal; I found you through the womenvocations community there.) I'm a 24 year old grad student in theology currently discerning vocations to Anglican religious orders. Like you, I also have been somewhat interested in convents in Africa. Are you familiar with the Community of Saint Mary? I lived with them last summer, and am thinking very seriously about joining there eventually. The motherhouse in in upstate NY, but they are currently training novices from Malawi who are then returning to start a house there. There are currently 5 young women who have already gone back to Malawi, and 3 more in New York who will return there in January. They are hoping to do work with AIDS orphans, although for the first few years or so they have been focusing on getting their convent built and becoming self-sufficient. Anyway, if you're interested they do have e-mail, and there is information about the Malawi house on the main convent website. I don't remember the address of the Malawi sisters, but you could get it from the New York house. ( They are wonderful young women, and of course since they have done their formation in New York they are all able to speak English although their worship in Malawi is in Chichewa. Anyway, it's very good to meet you. If you'd like to write at all, my e-mail is tantum_dic_verbo @

story midwife said...

I just found you - and am I ever glad I did! I look forward to spending more time here.

Deep bows to you,