Wednesday, June 14, 2006

zimbabwe convent reply!

i was just about to write to the convent in zimbabwe again (after allowing several months for slow postage or robert mugabe to personally intercept my mail) when i got a letter from them. the letter was from the archsister (that just makes me think she's sardonic) and she said it was their second reply to my letter from february. i never got the first reply so i'm glad they sent a second letter.
they not only don't have a website, the sister wrote the letter by hand on loose leaf paper! it seems they don't even have a typewriter! wow. still, i can survive.
i will respond to them this week and i hope to visit next summer vacation.
the sister said they take care of all sorts of orphans who get left with them. that sounds like wonderful work and i'd love to be of service to children in need.
god willing, we'll see.

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